GitHub Notifications From Your Menu Bar

Buzz is the menu bar app that notifies you about everything from pull requests to calendar events in one place for fast access without having to switch apps.

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Supercharged Productivity For Busy Software Developers

Quickly access all your GitHub pull requests

Quickly view and take actions on the pull requests that need your attention. Like an automated to do list, you'll know what to focus on and stay up to date with PRs without navigating emails or drowning in notifications.

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Never miss another meeting

Buzz notifies you when a meeting starts and allows you to join meetings with a single click. Stay on top of your schedule, even when you're wired in.

Breeze through your workday

With Buzz, all your day’s events are organized in one place. Check your upcoming schedule and join meetings without navigating tabs. Just click on the buzz logo in your menu bar. Do you have several calendars? No worries, you can add all your calendars into one view.

Integrated with how you work

Buzz integrates with the tools you're already using to serve you with relevant information all from one place, without having to switch tools.

A better way to manage code reviews, reduce turnaround times, and ship code faster.


Say good-bye to begging for PR reviews.

No more “Please review this PR...”. Buzz automatically lists your PRs and their statuses. Get notified when a PR is ready for a review or to be merged and if there's a new comment or a change is requested. This allows you to have much shorter feedback loops without manual handovers


And mute email notifications forever.

Work more focused with our subtle menu bar notifications. Choose to get them instantly or as a bundled summary when it suits you and your schedule. Never have to switch over to your email and scroll through endless email notifications.

Built for elite developer teams

Code reviews easily stack up and slip through the cracks. Buzz helps your team stay on top of the work in progress and focused on delivering the code that matters.

Improved Team Work

Improve agile team collaboration

Help your team increase communication around blockers and nudge a more collaborative development process. By knowing who and when someone is available you can spur meaningful conversations when the issue arise instead of waiting until the next stand-up or retro.


Highlight risks and bottlenecks

Give your team the visibility they need to self-resolve stuck PRs. Buzz highlights and notifies you of idle pull requests so the team can proactively address risks and bottlenecks before they impact your delivery.

Hear from our community of tech leaders and engineers

"Buzz keeps delivering value without requiring effort from me or my team. It's minimal and simple, centralizing all the info I need about my day and how the engineering team is doing. "

Iman Pouya

Tech Entrepreneur

"Buzz allows us to gain visibility of our entire teams work in progress in a much clearer way. I was missing that kind of overview before and it's been hugely valuable in helping us speed up our code reviews."

Elin Lütz

CEO & Co-founder

"Buzz is by far one of the best productivity softwares I've seen. We got started in no time as it works with our existing tools. No more clicking around to see my schedule or to sync with colleagues."

Julian Lee

CEO & Founder

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